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Baltimore Annual Plant Swap


2025 Annual Swap TBD
Rutter's Mill Park
Baltimore, MD



Photos from prior years. Credit: Michael Bruley





The free Baltimore Annual Plant Swap brings together plant enthusiasts of all experience levels to swap knowledge, houseplants, outdoor plants, cuttings, seeds, and garden supplies in the family-friendly, fun outdoors of Rutter's Mill Park in Baltimore, Maryland. RSVP here.


ALL WELCOME! Whether you're just starting to grow houseplants, or are a seasoned gardener, feel free to bring an item(s), take an item(s). Drop in any time during the swap. A move to the rain date will be posted here and on Facebook. The event is all ages, with a supervising adult for the little ones and leashes on pets.


This project started as a way to connect us, through plants. Greenery teaches us great life lessons, involving sharing and growing. When we clip a plant, it grows into a whole new one, giving us a built-in way to give to others. Through this exchange, we nurture gardens—inside and outside—of ourselves!

How to Plant Swap

The event is free, but your RSVP helps us plan and alert if we'll change to the rain date. On event day, bring one or more outdoor plants, houseplants, cuttings, seeds, and garden supplies to share. Take something home with you! Visit the RSVP form.

Directions and Parking

Rutter’s Mill Park is at 1408 Rutter St., Baltimore, MD, in between Mosher Street and Lafayette Avenue. Parking is on-street along these roads, as well as Mt. Royal Ave. Please note there’s no parking at the park entrance. Public transit is 2 blocks away, at the Mount Royal light rail.



The event is free, but your RSVP helps us plan.
We'll also let you know about next year's swap.

Thanks for your RSVP!
We look forward to seeing you!



The Plant Swap is an annual success because of volunteers like you. If you are interested in helping, please let us know:



What can I bring?

This is loosely defined. Let your creativity guide you! It can be a positive thought you compose, or a figurative or abstract visual. Past participants have used collage, painting, stamps and ink, pen, markers, and the like. 

Do I have to make the Valentine's?

Not necessarily. This art project aims to be a prompt to get your creativity going. That said, the larger, overarching goal of this initiative is to share and receive the good vibes that we each matter and are special in our own way!  

What size should my postcard be? 

If you’re mailing within the U.S.A., our postal service accepts postcards of up to 4”x6”. If you’re outside the U.S.A., check your carrier for their size limits. 

Does it have to be a postcard?

Not necessarily. Postcards are a convenient, small blank slate for art-making and mailing. However, if you prefer mailing a card in an envelope, and it fits the positive message of the project, go for it!

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